Surrender - Letting go🦋

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

‘We don’t see things how they are, we see things as we are’✨ After more than a year of both unconsciously and consciously choosing me I’ve learned letting go is the path to least resistance and where I find true freedom... I’m realising my choices along this journey that I thought weren’t for me, actually were, how everything I chose was teaching me exactly what I needed to learn and however those choices may have seemed at the time they were made for me!! It’s an exciting and empowering mindset to live in, it consistently sees my life with a cup half full mentality, it breathes life into my ‘cup’ and is where I learn to fill that cup and serve from the overflow.

My experience of life and my relationship with control issues has given me wisdom around an overflowing cup too... this wisdom tells me my need to control was a lack of self in many forms, understanding now the inability to control the things outside of me doesn’t define who I am or what I’ll be, do or have.

The life of a healer may mean my cup will not permanently live in overflow but it tells me I’m courageous enough to weather the times it is lacking and it’s trusting that I can and will consistently do what I need to fill it again. I no longer live in fear of that, no longer need to hold on so tightly to the control that only ever causes resistance to my cup.. Letting go is releasing control, letting go is leaning into vulnerability, letting go is trusting the universe to bring into my life all the things meant for me because I am attracting all that I am and I love me❤️ ‘Change isn’t by chance it’s a choice’

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